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Welcome to Moonless

A new layout? Again? Well, yes, and this one is all that much better.

I can't feel my eyes. (But it was worth it.)

Upcoming attractions: Link stuff. Also, maybe, if I can figure out a topic, more Syngenesis.
Changelog comment · 8 months ago

From the ages when the stars were nothing more than pinpricks of Heaven, to the time when the Earth was a dusty myth, attested only by its legacy, our ancestors told the stories that sustained their personal universes. To this place and to you we have come, to return what we have learned from them, and from ourselves, during our time in the wild. Wherever we wander, here shall always be our hearth; the life-giving firelight by which we see and sleep. We are the new dreamers, and this is our new dream.

Welcome to the Celestial Mechanics Universe Repository.


syngenesis A blog dedicated to teaching artists, writers, and other world-builders how to include scientifically-grounded elements in their creations in rational and consistent ways. Co-written by Illumina and Samantha, we explore the universe at large (and nearby!) with examples from popular fiction, fresh ideas, and realistic (or semi-realistic) alternatives to common tropes.
thet A shattered world sits around a tiny, furious star, broken into asteroids, blessed by the magic of scientists to form habitable islands. Upon them, the debris of dozens of civilizations from countless centuries sit, beset upon by the most distant children of Earth and those they have encountered in the half-million years since their departure from home. Thet's history encapsulates dozens of vast empires, their rises, falls, wars, and the customs and daily lives of their peoples across a hundred star systems—and it's still growing.
the burning phosphor Art, imaginings, and schematics for ongoing projects, especially the Link. Occasional ponderances on technology and the bleeding edge of theoretical programming.
samantics Musings, generally of an unnecessarily technical nature. Updated infrequently, but never a closed case. Topics include linguistics, computer science, biology, chemistry, and occasionally song lyrics about one or all of the above.
code Cosmic Machine provides easy access to the development information behind all programming projects hosted at