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Upcoming attractions: Link stuff. Also, maybe, if I can figure out a topic, more Syngenesis.
Changelog comment · 5 months ago

In these pages you shall find the umblemished histories of worlds and ideas upon which no eyes have ever laid—the tumbling silt of a retreating dream captured and crystallized in perfect clarity, unbattered by the harsh beamline of recollection. We have captured the critical skill necessary to distil their essences from naught more than campfire smoke, and it is from this rarefied form we generate the threads of consciousness that compose the fabric of this place. Nowhere else will you find such a gathering of delirious imagination and careful study.

This is the Celestial Mechanics Universe Repository.


syngenesis A blog dedicated to teaching artists, writers, and other world-builders how to include scientifically-grounded elements in their creations in rational and consistent ways. Cowritten by Illumina and Samantha, we explore the universe at large (and nearby!) with examples from popular fiction, fresh ideas, and realistic (or semi-realistic) alternatives to common tropes.
thet Thet is best described as a slowly-turning vortex of floating islands, driven to turn by a vast and ancient system of gravitational eccentricities. On these rocks are many tales ancient and peculiar, of empires risen and fallen, of centuries come and gone. But it's not abandoned—in every tiny little corner there is life, be it mechanical or biological, and these old buildings, both ruined and standing, still have many stories to tell. What will you find there?
the burning phosphor Art, imaginings, and schematics for ongoing projects, especially the Link. Occasional ponderances on technology and the bleeding edge of theoretical programming.
samantics Musings, generally of an unnecessarily technical nature. Updated infrequently, but never a closed case. Topics include linguistics, computer science, biology, chemistry, and occasionally song lyrics about one or all of the above.
code Cosmic Machine provides easy access to the development information behind all programming projects hosted at